GetLac Rubber Base 1 15g

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GetLac Rubber Base 1 15g

The GetLac Rubber Base Collection from Get Nails Austria convinces with different color nuances.

The Rubber base 1 is completely transparent and is therefore ideal as a wood protection primer for a paint job.

Our rubber base is quick and easy to use and leaves your nails looking very natural. It also protects and strengthens the nails like a Gel.

The GetLac Rubber Base was specially developed as a base for those who don't have one Freeze- or AcriGel-Construction, want to make. Our rubber base by Get Nails straightens itself quickly and its high viscosity allows you to use it very easily. You can use it to correct small corners and cracks on your natural nail, giving you the opportunity to create a natural manicure.

rubber base, or too Gummy base called, it is also possible to create a short and natural looking nail extension. the GetLac Rubber Base is the ideal Basic, to get a flawless, lasting and natural manicure as quickly as possible and ensures optimal adhesion of your GetLac Colour.

The unique and original packaging of the GetLac from Get Nails Austria is a real eye-catcher. Every Color comes with a "frame sticker" (a baroque double-sided metal frame and a transparent glass element). With that, each becomes yours GetLacbottles into a real gem.


Nice to know:

Curing time: 120 seconds in the UV lamp or 60-90 seconds with LED

15 Reviews for GetLac Rubber Base 1 15g

  1. Paula b. (Verified buyer) -


  2. Veronica Pascu (Verified buyer) -

    Without air!!! Very well!

  3. Nadia Bogdan (Verified buyer) -


  4. Doris Mirela Veres (Verified buyer) -

    Very satisfied

  5. Carmen Heinkel (Verified buyer) -

    Very good quality !

  6. Costea Elena Ionela (Verified buyer) -


  7. Nigora Fox (Verified buyer) -

    Like it a lot

  8. Elena Nechita (Verified buyer) -


  9. Elke R. (Verified buyer) -

    Great product, easy to edit even as a layman. Thanks very much.

  10. Katarina Miladinović (Verified buyer) -


  11. Irina Copil (Verified buyer) -

    A little too bulky for my taste, but does what it says on the tin

  12. Prozan Angelica (Verified buyer) -


  13. Alexandra S (Verified buyer) -


  14. Roventa Andreea (Verified buyer) -


  15. Voin-Soanda Petronela-Daiana (Verified buyer) -

    makes a great grip, perfect for everything, GetLac, Gel ✌🏼

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Get Nails Austria - GetLac Rubber Base 1 15g

GetLac Rubber Base 1 15g


Only 9 in stock