Top Coat Mega Gloss 15g

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Top Coat Mega Gloss 15gr

The ultimate top coat

Our Get Nails top coat Mega Gloss is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a stunning manicure. This transparent sealing gel is not only extremely resistant, but also gives your manicure a shiny finish, which draws everyone's attention.

The special thing about our Mega Gloss is that it Appearance of black not changed – it arises no sweat layer. This property makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to paint their nails in dark colors.

In addition, our Mega Gloss has one low viscosity and is self-smoothing. This means that it is effortless to apply and guarantees a perfect result. With our Mega Gloss your manicure will be a real eye-catcher!

curing time: 120-180 sec 36W UV or 90-120 seconds LED

8 Reviews for Top Coat Mega Gloss 15g

  1. Paula b. (Verified buyer) -


  2. Agnieszka A. (Verified buyer) -

    I have very long beautiful shiny nails.

  3. Dolores Bruner (Verified buyer) -

    Super quality and great price

  4. Nadia Bogdan (Verified buyer) -


  5. Ines Blaschnig (Verified buyer) -

    This shine is awesome

  6. Diamond Nails by Agnieszka Augustyn (Verified buyer) -

    I love him and my customers too 🙂

  7. Katarina Miladinović (Verified buyer) -


  8. Andrea Antonescu (Verified buyer) -


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Get Nails Austria - Top Coat Mega Gloss 15g

Top Coat Mega Gloss 15g


In stock • with you in 1-2 working days