GetLac Rubber Base 16 Mojito 15g

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GetLac Rubber Base 16 Mojito 15g

The GetLac Summer Rubber Base Collection from Get Nails Austria convinces with several beautiful and delicate color nuances.

Our Rubber Base is quick and easy to apply and leaves your nails looking very natural. It also protects and strengthens the nails like a gel.

The GetLac Rubber Base was specially developed as a basis for those who do not Gel- or AcriGel-Construction, want to make. Our Get Nails Rubber Base straightens itself out quickly and its high viscosity allows for very easy application. You can use it to correct small corners and cracks on your natural nail, giving you the opportunity to create a natural manicure.

With the Rubber Base, also called Gummy Base, it is also possible to create short and natural-looking nail extensions. The GetLac Rubber Base is the ideal basis to get a flawless, lasting and natural manicure as quickly as possible and ensures optimal adhesion of your GetLac color.

The unique and original packaging of the GetLac from Get Nails Austria is a real eye-catcher. Each color comes with a "frame sticker" (a baroque double-sided metal frame and a transparent glass element). With that, each becomes yours GetLacbottles into a real gem.

GetLac Rubber Base is available in 5 color variants: from transparent to delicate milky, milky rose, peach or nude pink, the new GetLac Rubber Base is the ideal basis for a flawless and durable manicure in no time at all.

Instructions for use / classic method:

  • Prepare the natural nail correctly and completely (degreasing, preparing the cuticle area and matting the nail with a per buffer).
  • especially for customers with liability problems, Primer 007 Bond or Primer Pen Acid or Primer Pen Bond apply
  • After 30-40 seconds, apply a very thin, brushed primer layer of GetLac Rubber Base to the entire nail and allow to cure
  • For a nail bed where there is a risk of adhesion problems, we recommend that the first layer, the base, the Rubber base 1 apply as it is most effective for this type of client.
  • apply second coat of Rubber Base (any shade), shape Apex and cure
  • finish the nail if necessary, then apply one of the beautiful shades of GetLac Color in 2 coats and cure each coat in the UV/LED lamp
  • GetLac top gloss or Top Gel Mega Gloss or Top Shine HD apply and let it harden
  • If you GetLac Top Gloss have applied, with Cleanser remove the sweat layer.
    Danger! For an intense and long-lasting shine, it is recommended to remove the sweating layer about 2-3 minutes after the end of the polymerization.
  • cuticle oil apply

*This guide is intended solely for the information of those trained in the nail stylist profession. The information provided applies to Get Nails products and may differ from that of other companies. We accept no responsibility for any use of the products other than as described above.

Thickness: Medium / Thick / Honey-like
self-leveling degree: High
Color: Neon green
Other variants available: Transparent / Nude Milky Pink / Nude Milky Peach / Nude Milky Light Rose / Milky Lilac / Milky Rose / Milky Blue / various colors


Nice to know:

Curing time: 120 seconds in UV lamp or 60-90 seconds with LED


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Get Nails Austria - GetLac Rubber Base 16 Mojito 15g

GetLac Rubber Base 16 Mojito 15g

Original price was: €9,99Current price is: €7,99.

In stock • with you in 1-2 working days